Helping the disabled

Sister Fehzoonisa Khan has been actively involved in humanitarian & community service for the past over 13 years. She was on the board of directors as well as a media liaison officer for an organisation assisting destitute women. A motivational speaker & mentor, she has presented spiritually uplifting  workshops in various areas & has had guest speakers both from SA & abroad. 

Fehz Nikahs has brought to Gauteng 46 free workshops in four years which have been very well attended with inspiring  guest speakers the likes of Dr Zaheed Khan of Durban (professional counsellor, regression therapist), Sheikh Salama (ITV), Dr Ebrahim of Sandton. (Psychologist), Dr Muhammad Rida of Canada (marriage counsellor), Br Idris Khamissa (motivational speaker), Apaa Rehana Shah - Bulbulia (author), Moulana Shabeer Khan of Lenz South (Imam, Educator), Sheikh Samih Jaad  (Radio Islaam), Sheikh Hamid of Canada & many more... Topics like depression, stress management, Talaaq, choosing your spouse, marriage, health have also been discussed at these workshops. 

She has assisted the less fortunate by distributing food hampers in Ramadaan & Eids. Many reverts have been helped by her with Qur'aans, basic learning skills & also appropriate clothes for ladies in particular  to encourage the donning of the Hijaab. Sister Fehzoonisa aims you inspire people to follow Al Qur'aan  & the Sunnah of our beloved master & leader Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wassallam. 

Sister Fehzoonisa has engaged in helping with weekly feeding of the underprivileged, orphans, needy. Distribution of daily iftaar during Ramadaan. She helps rural areas in Gauteng with necessities as well as has them transported to her workshops for their upliftment. She has presented Tarbiyyah sessions for the young Muslimah.

Workshops WorkshopWorkshops

This international service was started by Sister Fehzoonisa Khan in April 2006.  She saw the need for such a service as people have difficulty in finding suitable partners. Most clients tell me they were too busy studying and now are too busy working.  

"I don't make the match. Allaah makes it.  I am only instrumental in introducing people," said Fehzoonisa.  She started the service after making mashura with her now late Uncle, Moulana Cassin Sema (R.A) of Newcastle, South Africa, who gave her his blessings. 

"I give clients a personal service the past over 13 years. It's not about quantity. It's about quality of the candidates.  

Having been in Public Relations & in coaching  in the corporate world for a long time, she enjoys working with people. This service is Shariah compliant. Dating is discouraged and no pictures are used to show to prospective partners.  

"I believe people should, meet in a respectful manner and should make their decision thereafter."  

She owes her communication skills to her late parents who served the community in their area for many years and, of course, to her teachers as well.  Being Islamically inclined, she runs her service with care as to not violate the laws of Shariah. 

"I am serious about what I do and if you are serious about marriage, don't hesitate to use my service." 

No parties or get togethers are held to introduce people. Many Nikahs have taken place over the past 13 years through this agency Alhamdullilah. Babies have also been born from marriages through this service. Subhan Allaah. 

Professional counselling, coaching, advice by Ulema are also offered.

Sister Fehzoonisa may be contacted on 072 224 3060 during office hours and by email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.